Thank you!


Thank you to all of our amazing family members for your everlasting support and unconditional love. 
Takunda Keith Mahachi from the bottom of his heart would like to thank...
  • His sisters Theresa, Tsungirirai and Grace 
  • His brothers Tatenda and Happiness
  • His neices and nephews Panshe, Munashe, Tanatswa and Ethan Anesu
  • His brother in law Pasca Chinwada 
  • His sister in law Evidence Chipunga
  • His better half 
  • And his mother Abigail Mahachi  for being a sweet and supportive parent who took both parenting roles into her hands and has mentored Keith into the gentleman he is today.
Ali Gorson-Marrow says she owes her success to...
  • Her Grandmother Janice 
  • Her Aunt Lynn 
  • Her better half 
  • ​Her sister Julie Gorson-Marrow 
  • Her Mother Gigi and father Larry 
  • And of course her twin sister Stefanie 


Ali would like to thank all of her amazing friends for their love and support. Without her friends she would never have the motivation to write an entire novel! Thank you especially to Gabriella Duncan for making her smile and laugh everyday. 
Keith would also like to show his gratitude to his friends  Tinotenda, Joseph, Prosper, Farai, Tanaka, Pisirai, Clive and Nyasha.  

Our Publisher 

Last but not least...
Keith and Ali would also like to reach out and thank the entire Telemachus Press family for their advice, tolerance and never ending email responses. Could not have done it without you! 

Our Faith 

Thank you to God for everything he has given us and all of our faith.