Other authors, new Facebook page, new website, pinterest, instagram, mailerlite, and reviews

Ali GorsonMarrow

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Well, after an entire day sitting on the couch and working on our novel I finally feel I have made a positive impact on our marketing journey.  I am incredibly thankful to Kahlen Aymes a very successful author who has given us a ton of advice on our book and our book promotion.  First of all, it turns out we did a million things wrong! I suppose you live and learn.  Basically, we made all of our accounts and website in the name of our book.  Although we love Assimil, it turns out our website, facebook, twitter and instagram should be in our authors names.  So everything is brand spanking new! I've also been working hard to do some networking and chat with other authors/readers.  Our account on goodreads is allowing us to chat with other authors and get extra book promotion.  Lastly, stay tuned for a few reviews on the first chapter of our novel!