Newspapers, Tv and interviews....oh my!

Ali GorsonMarrow

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Well, well, well.  I must say that these days it feels like Assimil is taking over the world!  I've been calling an nagging newspapers, tv stations and radio stations for months now.  But this week people have been calling my number!  In about a week, we will have two stories appearing in two separate newspapers.  The two newspapers we have booked interviews with are the Chestnut Hill and the Delaware County Times.  We are so excited and thrilled for these papers to come out!  I loved chatting and having interviews with both reporters.  Not only was I able to teach them our story but talking to them about myself actually made me learn even more about myself as a person.  When I got the news about the television debut I was blown away.  Our book and the two of us as authors will be advertised on a live international news station very soon!!!!