Radio Interview on Art Heart ATL TV, LIVE

Being on the Art Heart ATL live radio station was very exciting for us! All the people in the studio asked amazing questions and we were so excited to work with them and spread the word about our book! This interview definitely made us feel successful and well known! To listen to the interview go to
Our Advertisement on ATF World News 
We were incredibly thrilled and excited to have an actual live TV advertisement for our first novel!  When we saw we would be advertised on ATF World News it was the best day we have experienced through our entire journey as authors!
Our Interview with Delaware County Times 
This newspaper article was a huge triump and a very exciting experience.  the reporter was incredibly nice and it was an awesome experience. After calling a million newspaper reporters and nagging people everyday we finally booked this interview with Delco Times.  It was scary, fun and thrilling!

Our Interview with Titiana Johnson
Speaking with Titiana was very uplifitng and definitely made us feel excitied about continuing this writing process.  Titiana made  us feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire interview. Check out the video and subscribe to her channel on youtube. 
Interview with Gail Turner 
Live Show!
Our interview with Gail Turner was awesome and fun! Gail did such a great job and we loved chatting with her.  In fact, she even gave us lots of great people to get in touch with. Take a look!

Article at Chest nut Hill Local 

Len Leer the reporter for this Chestnut Hill article was amazing to work with and incredibly knowledgeable! When I called him to ask for an article he at first said we could not do an article if I did not live in the area of the newspaper.  However, Len was so impressed with out story that he excitedly decided to help us out and put us right in his paper! It was such an exciting experience and definitely gave us a huge confidence boost. Click the link under the picture to the right to check it out.